What we offer

  • Small classes 12:1 across all phases of the school.
  • A mainstream curriculum with a focus on the individual needs of each child, using varied methods teaching.
  • A multi-disciplinary approach is used to monitor each child’s progress throughout the year.
  • A specialised team of Occupational Therapists (helps the child overcome motor or visual problems), Speech Therapists (helps the child overcome auditory or language problems), Educational Psychologist (Diagnostic assessments and support emotional needs) and Remedial Therapists(reinforcement of numeracy and literacy skills).

Other activities offered include:

  • a full sport programme, including swimming, athletics, cross-country, soccer, netball, hockey, and cricket
  • Our very own obstacle course
  • Guest speakers / workshops offered on a regular basis addressing pupil centred topics
  • A specialised daily reading programme to address perceptual skills required for reading and spelling
  • Cultural interhouse competitions – alternating Public Speaking with a Speech and Art Eisteddfod.