School banking details
Flamboyant School,
Standard Bank, White River
(053-052) 030 376 343

Finance and fees

Income is derived entirely from school fees and fund-raising drives. We receive no subsidy from the government. It has to be accepted that remedial education with its high teacher - pupil ratio and support services, is expensive. Fees are kept as low as possible while at the same time pitched at a realistic level. A limited number of bursaries are awarded.

School fees 2015

(2014 finance and fees available here)
1. A depost is payable to the school to secure placement for a child. The deposit will be adjusted annually in January to equal the current school fees per month. This will be repaid, on written request within 3 months, (without interest) when the child leaves the school. (R4,420.00)
2. School fees per month for 11 months of the year:
School fees are payable monthly in advance at the beginning of each month (Jan - Nov). School fees for the year = R48,620.00. 7½% Discount (R3,646.50) allowed if fully paid by 28th February.
3. Annual stationery fee R 580,00
4. Homework diary R 40,00
5. Therapy fees per month:
Occupational Therapy (3 sessions/month over 11 months):
Language Therapy (3 sessions/month over 11 months):


6. School banking details
Flamboyant School, Standard Bank, White River
(053-052) 030 376 343
All assessments & re-assessments payable directly to therapists.
  *Occupational therapy assessment:
- Re-assessment:
- Outside of school hours
- During school hours
*Language therapy assessment:
- Re-assessment:
*Psychologist (I.Q.) assessment:
*Once off

Please note that therapy fees do not form part of the school fees but will be debited to the school account and must be paid together with school fees to the school.
Therapists send their accounts to parents, reflecting a nil balance, purely for submission to medical aid and not for payment. The medical aid will refund the member directly.

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